Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Switch by Timbre, is owned by the Timbre Group, which is famous for the Timbre brand of pubs/ bars. While Timbre's fame lies in promoting the local bands, the bands that they promote are predominantely singing english songs. Then there is Switch, which houses also local mandopop bands whose repertoire consists mainly of mandopop and english songs, ala Shuffle.

While Shuffle features mostly unplugged set up, Switch can have a full band compliment which can really bring the house down with their jams. To come back to their drinks, beer especially, they have Erdinger and Kirin running on their taps. While Erdinger is the usual wheat beer, Kirin is suprisingly found at this popular spot, doing away with the usal commercial fair.

The appearance of Kirin may seem like just another lager and looking very clean and minimal head, but the first gulp definitely bring a different type of sensation. While it boasts a strong lager aroma, it actually tasted bitter, which is quite rough down the throat. Pairing with finger food sure masked away some of the bitterness, but there are also other choices.

Probably stung by the natural bitterness, Switch also have Kirin mixed with different fruit syrups, topped with crushed icy foam. The sweetness of the syrups combined with the bitterness of Kirin, do brings out another aspect of the beer. These drinks are also quite popular with the ladies.

On the taps: Erdinger Weisbier, Kirin